Investment Consultancy

We offer four main investment consultancy services to our clients but, as no two clients have the same requirements, we are flexible and tailor each service to meet the particular needs of each client.

Strategic advice
The primary function of our strategic advisory service is to determine the most suitable long term strategic asset allocation or benchmark for an investment portfolio, based on in-depth analysis of the investment objectives and risk tolerance of the client and our best projections for market returns and volatilities over the next five to ten years.
Setting the correct long term strategy is critically important: academic studies have shown that on average over 90% of the return from a portfolio is determined by the strategic asset allocation; less than 10% comes from tactical or short term asset allocation changes and stock selection.

Investment manager review
Our investment manager review combines an in-depth analysis of the past performance of the client’s existing managers relative to both their benchmark and peer group with an assessment of their investment process, investment team and business structure and concludes with a recommendation as to whether the managers should be retained or replaced.

Investment manager selection
This service covers the entire selection process for a new manager from drawing up the initial ‘long list’ of potential managers and the collection of necessary information from prospective ‘short listed’ managers to the arrangement of the final ‘beauty parade’ and includes advice on which candidates should be awarded the contract. We also advise on fund selection, where appropriate.

Ongoing consultancy
We provide a comprehensive service including attendance at investment meetings, quarterly performance reviews, access to and advice from staff at all times and annual assessment as to whether any changes need to be made to either the strategic asset allocation or investment managers.