Stanhope Consulting

Stanhope Consulting is one of the leading investment consulting firms in the charity sector serving the needs of some of the most prestigious institutions in the UK. Stanhope Consulting draws upon the combined resources of the entire Stanhope Group to provide our clients with all-encompassing investment consultancy and implemented consultancy services.

We are very aware of the challenges facing charity trustees as far as their investments are concerned. These include finding sufficient income in a low yield environment and preserving capital in a period of excessive volatility. Given that most UK charities have the majority of their liabilities denominated in sterling, many trustees are also anxious to avoid over-exposure to other currencies.  Another key consideration for some charities is socially responsible (or ethical) investment where certain types of investment are excluded.

Whatever the requirements of a particular client, we offer a personal service tailored to each client’s individual needs. Our loyalty is to our clients and our sole aim is to assist them in maximising their investment returns. In common with the rest of the Stanhope Group and unlike many of our competitors, we have no investment vehicles or standardised investment products to sell which could influence our strategy or our advice.