Private Investments

Some of our clients wish to be exposed to direct private equity and property investment opportunities. Stanhope Capital has a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals able to assist them in these areas either alone or by pulling together a group of like-minded co-investors.


Direct Private Equity Investments

The direct private equity investment team is dedicated to the origination and execution of private equity transactions, with a flexible and patient approach to investing. Depending on the situation, Stanhope Capital clients act as lead, co-lead or co-investors alongside reputable private equity funds. The main geographical scope is the UK and Europe, and the companies our clients invest in range from small to mid-sized companies to larger enterprises. While the investment strategy is mainly focused on providing development capital to companies seeking to expand their business, the team also considers buy-outs of existing shareholders wishing to exit their business. Our clients are not under pressure to exit investments early and can therefore take a long term view to value creation alongside the management of the company they back.


Direct Property Investments

We are able to assist clients who are interested in investing in direct property purchases or development opportunities that cover the entire risk spectrum of real estate from core to opportunistic. We are often approached with co-investment proposals and analyse these in terms of their attractiveness to our clients’ specific needs. We use our in-house real estate team in conjunction with external advisors to decide on the best direct deals. If necessary we are able to organise or syndicate a complete purchase by a number of clients. We can also make sure that the day to day management of real estate investments are professionally delivered by selecting the best advisers to undertake ancillary work.


Merchant Banking

Our merchant banking team provides advisory services, including M&A, disposals, capital raising, and other corporate finance advice to substantial private clients such as entrepreneurs or industrial families with global assets across a number of industries. We provide sourcing, evaluation, structuring and execution services in relation to making investments in specific corporate situations, which could be minority, majority or controlling stakes.

We are client-led, not transaction-led, so we will not advise clients to make investments unless it is in their interest, and we will only present clients with relevant deal-flow. Our objective is to build a long-term relationship as a trusted advisor, and indeed we act as retained advisor to a number of clients.