Custody & Transition Management

Stanhope Capital has the resources to manage seamlessly all aspects of client custody arrangements and transition management.

We work with a number of custodians in different jurisdictions and our clients benefit from Stanhope negotiated fees for custody and trading.

Stanhope issues investment instructions to the custodian for transacting through their normal brokerage channels. We check that all trades have been efficiently transacted and properly settled and input all trades into our system. Additionally, we verify that the agreed fees have been charged and reconcile the custodian’s month-end valuation with our internal valuation.

Transition Management
For new clients, Stanhope is well versed in managing the transition of existing portfolios in a series of clear steps intended to manage market risk exposure and limit the amount of transaction and documentation traffic.

Stanhope will prepare a ‘road map’ identifying the investments that should be liquidated, and the timing for reinvestment, taking into account the level of exposure appropriate to each asset class, market timing and position sizing.

If a new custodian has been selected, Stanhope will also prepare a plan for transferring the assets to the new custodian in an orderly manner, which may involve the sale of some positions pre-transfer. Stanhope will undertake a reconciliation of the transfers between custodians.