Portfolio Management

Stanhope Capital manages portfolios on a discretionary basis. We focus on finding the best solution for client portfolios by selecting the best externally managed funds in all asset classes and do not retain commissions on third party products.

We work in a discretionary capacity to provide a comprehensive asset management service. The core functions include asset allocation, at the strategic and tactical level and best of breed manager selection.

The first step is to generate an in-depth understanding of a client’s requirements and formulate an appropriate investment plan in partnership with them.

Our investment selection process encompasses the analysis, selection and ongoing monitoring of actively managed funds, index trackers and other securities in each asset class and across geographies. Stanhope continuously monitors market and operational risk, both within individual portfolios and across our selection of managers.

For clients maintaining legacy portfolios, we also offer an advisory service offering consolidated asset allocation, manager monitoring, benchmarking, risk management and reporting.