Dr Pedro Aspe

Member of the Advisory Board

Pedro Aspe, born in Mexico City in 1950, obtained his B.A. in Economics from ITAM (1974) and, supported by the Fulbright and CONACYT scholarships, got his Ph.D. in Economics from MIT (1978) in the United States.

Dr. Aspe developed his professional career during the last four decades in the academic, in the Federal Government and in the domestic and foreign private sectors.

In the Mexican academic sector he was Dean of the Department of Economics (1978) and founder of the master’s program in Economics at ITAM (1980), where he has been a Professor in the decades that followed.

In the Mexican public sector, Pedro was founder of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI, 1983) then being appointed as Deputy-Secretary and then as Secretary of the Budget (1987), to finally be named Secretary of the Treasury of Mexico from 1988 to 1994. During those years he participated in the first structural reforms of modern Mexico: the entry of Mexico into the GATT, the budgetary equilibrium, the privatization of enterprises, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and finally the obtainment of independence of the Mexican Central Bank (1994).

In the private sector Dr. Aspe was founder of Protego, one of the first Mexican investment banks (1996), company that a decade later was combined with Evercore Partners by doing an IPO in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Dr. Aspe was named Co-Chairman of Evercore Partners, company with operations in New York, London and Mexico City (2006). During those years, Dr. Aspe created several Mexican companies, being Chairman and founder of Volaris, a low cost airline, since 2005 and up until its IPO in the New York Stock Exchange in 2013. In February, 2017 Dr. Aspe retired from Evercore Partners. Dr. Aspe currently participates as Chairman of Insignia Capital and is a member of the Investment Committee of Glisco Partners, a Mexican private equity manager.

Dr. Aspe participates in nonprofit organizations such as ITAM’s EPIC-LAB and the Beristain Scholarships, the Board of Universidad Centro, PRONATURA, the Scholarships FUNED and the Patronato de las Vizcainas and the Museum of Memory and Tolerance in Mexico City.

He is also Co-Chair of the Canada-Mexico Leadership Group and is a Founding Member of the North American Forum and is a member of the Board of the Carnegie Foundation in New York City and of the Fundación Libertad of Mario Vargas Llosa.