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What sets
us apart

  • We are transparent and are only paid by our clients
  • Our Partners and employees invest alongside clients and are therefore properly aligned with them
  • We put innovation at the heart of our model
  • We offer a highly bespoke service


Wealth Management

Our objective is to protect and increase the wealth of our clients by providing superior risk-adjusted returns throughout cycles. We add value in two areas: asset allocation – strategic and tactical – and fund selection.

Our team selects best of breed funds wherever they happen to be. We are not tied to in-house products.

We operate either on a discretionary or advisory basis.

Given our scale, we normally invest through the lowest fee share classes and often negotiate better access terms for our clients, thereby improving access and reducing costs for our clients.

Partners and employees invest their personal wealth alongside clients.

Details of our investment process are available on request.


Our consulting team focuses on charities, non-profit organisations and wealthy families seeking independent advice on asset allocation, manager selection or the supervision of existing portfolios.

The team, which operates independently from the Wealth Management division, undertakes bespoke research projects in all asset classes and all regions of the world.

Consulting uses its extensive database to benchmark managers against markets and peers giving clients a clear and holistic view of their assets.

For more information please email us.

Private Investments

Our Private Investments team enables our clients to have access to private equity, real estate and private credit investments. This is done through a range of access vehicles and funds directly managed by Stanhope Capital.

Through the access vehicles, our clients are able to invest with some of the world’s best known funds which often have high minimum thresholds (e.g. 10mn USD for a single investor). The access vehicles are diversified by strategy and region.

In parallel, we structure and manage funds covering niche strategies in areas such as development capital, buy-outs and real estate, e.g. the Stanhope Entrepreneurs Fund (SEF) and the German Real Estate Fund (GREF).

Merchant Banking

Our Merchant Banking team provides corporate finance advice on mergers, acquisitions, disposals, restructurings and capital raising – debt and equity.

Our clients are typically prominent entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, private and public corporations seeking an independent approach to implement their strategic plans.

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