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Stanhope Capital Group is one of the world’s largest independent wealth management and advisory firms. Founded in 2004, the group offers a full range of services – wealth management, consulting, merchant banking and private investments – in an environment where the interests of partners and employees are aligned with clients. Our mission is to combine state-of-the-art investment expertise with the objectivity, transparency and high service standards of an independent investment house.

To deliver this we have built our reputation upon three pillars: objectivity, alignment of interest, and innovation.

In February 2021, Stanhope Capital Group merged with US based FWM Holdings, owner of Forbes Family Trust, LGL Partners and Optima Asset Management. This was followed by the merger with Luxembourg based Arche Associates. The combined group, led by Chairman and CEO Daniel Pinto, operates from 8 offices (London, Luxembourg, Geneva, Paris, New York, Philadelphia, Palm Beach and Boston), employs around 160 people and oversees in excess of USD 41 billion in client assets.

Company Profile

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Because we are independently owned and not tied to in-house products, we can serve our clients’ needs without any investment bias.


Partners and employees invest alongside clients thereby ensuring proper alignment of interests.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a broad range of experiences in both public and private markets across the world.

Responsible investing

Stanhope are committed to responsible investment, and to this end are signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

We are signatories of the PRI and supporters of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Paris Agreement.

As a firm, we are working to ensure that we operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, whilst on the investment front we are committed to allocating our clients’ capital responsibly. Of paramount importance regarding the latter is our thorough operational and investment due diligence processes which all investments must undergo before receiving approval for investment.

We work with clients to identify the best strategy to meet their non-financial targets as well as their financial ones. Whilst we support clients who wish to invest in a responsible manner, we are not prescriptive in our approach. We recognise that there is a grayscale in terms of responsible investment outlook and see it as our job, therefore, to ensure that investments are managed in a way that is consistent with individual investors’ beliefs and values.

Responsible investing on behalf of clients may require us to:

  1. Exclude or set limits on certain investments (e.g. tobacco, armaments, fossil fuels etc.);
  2. Appoint managers that have met a threshold responsibility requirement;
  3. Seek out investments that have a positive social or environmental impact; or
  4. Engage with managers to encourage a responsible investment approach.

Further details on our responsible investment practices can be found within our Investment Policy which is available upon request ( Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspects of our approach or that of the funds we invest in.

Our Team

Our senior team comprises seasoned investment professionals who have been directly responsible for the management of significant pools of assets within some of the world’s most respected fund management houses. In addition, we can rely on our Investment Committee and Advisory Board.

Meet the team


At Stanhope Capital, our most valued asset is our people. They are at the heart of our continued success. We place a significant emphasis on recruiting talented and driven professionals, who understand the importance of innovation and wish to be part of a results-oriented business.

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